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LDI — Now is the Time to Think About Attending July 21, 2011

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The Leadership Development Institute is offered as a pre-conference membership benefit at the time of the M-PBEA Conference.  The 2012 Conference will be held in Bismarck, North Dakota on June 17-20.  The LDI is a fantastic way to gain leadership skills, obtain ideas to enhance your organization, and network with other business educators.

Now is the time to — Nominate someone from your state to attend the Leadership Development Institute

Now is the time to — Strengthen your local business organization by having your state leaders attend the LDI

Now is the time to — Learn more about NBEA and M-PBEA

Now is the time to — Learn and grow in leadership and professionalism at the state, regional, and national level

Now is the time to — Promote and support business education through our leadership skills

Each Mountain-Plains state or province is able to send three delegates to LDI.  States/provinces are encouraged to select individuals who serve in officer or board positions in their state associations, a college student majoring in business education, and/or a relatively new teacher.  In addition, these individuals must be members of NBEA/M-PBEA.  However, each state can use its own selection process in choosing the three LDI delegates.

I do hope you take the time to submit names from your state.  The purpose of the LDI is to help each state/province develop their future leaders.  Contact your state president or state membership director for details about the selection process in your state or contact Murleen Bellinger, LDI Director, at mb44829@windstream.net for a nomination form.  Nominate a colleague or yourself to attend the 2012 M-PBEA Leadership Development Institute. The deadline for states to forward applicant names is March 1, 2012.




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Submitted by Sandy Braathen, LDI Director and M-PBEA Past President

Do you want to become a leader in your state/province, regional or national business education associations (including M-PBEA and NBEA)?

  • Do you want to enhance your leadership skills?
  • Do you want to learn more about your professional association?
  • Do you want to have a fun time while also getting to know your peers?
  • Do you want to help focus the “Spotlight on Business Education”?

If so, the M-PBEA Leadership Development Institute (LDI) is for you!! M-PBEA is seeking participants for LDI to be held June 14–15, 2011 in Wichita, KS just prior to the annual M-PBEA conference.   See attached for more information. 

2011 MPBEA LDI Informational Flyer

November is Business Education Month October 28, 2010

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•    that education for business plays a vital role in helping students effectively prepare for a meaningful career or education beyond high school; and
•    men and women prepared for domestic and international business positions make major contributions to the economy and continued prosperity of these United States; and
•    men and women prepared for domestic and international business positions make major contributions to the economy and continued prosperity of these United States; and
•    it is altogether fitting and proper that the educational efforts of business education be recognized, encouraged, and honored;

The National Education for Business Month is set aside to recognize the significant contributions of the business education community, which impact so positively the well being of American business and government.
The curriculum that responds to the needs of tomorrow’s businesses is found in business education.  Here students can experience a language, as well as gain an understanding of the essential elements of the American socioeconomic system.

The heart of our country’s success is the free enterprise system, which continually rewards innovation and responds to new challenges in the marketplace.  Our future national growth and development depend on the continued support of the business community, not only in its day-to-day functions, but also in its commitment to actively preparing people to enter the world of work.  It is for these people that the nation’s attention is drawn to this special month—a month sponsored by organizations that represent the educators who are preparing tomorrow’s workforce as well as tomorrow’s business owners.

Join the Virtual Team Challenge February 25, 2010

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Virtual Team Challenge is a “Virtual World” 3D simulation-based learning curriculum offered at NO COST to high school teachers and students for Spring 2010. The program meets National Standards for Business Education and is supported by lesson plans that incorporate the game’s missions. 10,000 students participated last year, collaborating to manage the clean-up of an Oil Spill in New City and win prizes for themselves, their schools, and the United Way.  Registration is now open at www.virtualteamchallenge.com.  The program runs March 15 – April 30.

Conference Info Updated February 17, 2010

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Session topics are now listed online at http://mpbea.org/conferences.htm.  Check it out today.  Also, the Insurance Education Institute is now open to other disciplines, so space will fill fast.  If you procrastinated your registration, there is now an online link at http://www.griffithfoundation.org/mississippi-state-application/. Go online to register for the Insurance Education Institute.  Don’t miss out on 3 FREE graduate credits, a wealth of valuable information, and a $75 stipend to offset room costs.  The M-PBEA Conference registration is separate and will be available soon on the M-PBEA web site.  Keep checking back for updates.

Free Web Site Design Lesson Plans January 27, 2010

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Minnesota business teacher Joel Roggenkamp provided the following link to his web site:


The site offers free lessons, projects, and rubrics for a high school web design course.  He has a 12-week schedule as well.  Do pay careful attention to the copyright notice, though.  Nothing can be printed or copied to any media, only viewed.

Want 3 FREE Graduate Credits Plus $75 in Cash? January 20, 2010

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Sign up today for the Insurance Education Institute, a pre-conference workshop at the 2010 M-PBEA Convention held June 23-26 in Fort Collins, Colorado.  M-PBEA members get priority registration for this free opportunity.  However, you need to register today.  Our priority registration ends on February 15.  After that time, the Institute will open up to other teachers outside of our organization, and spots will fill fast.  Space is limited, so sign up today!. 

The Insurance Education Institute is a financial literacy graduate course on risk management and insurance.  The class consists of an online component that starts in May.  Then, there is a 2-day workshop preceding the M-PBEA Conference to finish up.  Business educators who have attended in Nebraska were very impressed with the training.  They said it was very interesting and informative, well worth it.

We really would like to get a minimum of 20 M-PBEA members signed up prior to the February 15 deadline, so that we can keep this opportunity exclusive to our members.  Check out the M-PBEA Web site at http://mpbea.org/conferences.htm for more information.  Don’t miss this great opportunity.  Sign up today!

Notes & Quotes Newsletter – Winter 2009 December 4, 2009

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Here are just a few of the topics available in the winter issue of the Notes & Quotes M-PBEA newsletter.  Visit http://www.mpbea.org/notes_quotes.htm to read more.

  • M-PBEA President’s message – “Connect the dots…Connect Four…Word Connect…Phone Connection…Connecting Threads…Love Connection…Career Connection…”
  • NBEA President’s message – “As business educators, we need to make a personal commitment to our profession and to our professional development….”
  • “This Old Dog Will Teach You New Tricks” by Murleen Bellinger
  • “Engaging Digital Natives with Interactive Whiteboards” by Cindy Johnson
  • “Big Dreams In A Small Town” by Mazie E. Will
  • What’s happening in your state? State Representative reports
  • “FREE, FREE, FREE” and ISBE reports by Dennis Krejci
  • NBEA Board Report by Marilyn Jones

Office 2010 Survey December 4, 2009

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When do you plan to start teaching Office 2010 in the classroom?

Typing Challenge November 4, 2009

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Want to test your typing skills and see how you stack up against other people? Try TypeRacer http://play.typeracer.com/ 

You can play as a guest or you can register so the site saves your scores. You can take a practice spin, where it will time you and let you know your WPM and accuracy. You can then race against other people typing the same passage. The passages that came up when I tried it were from books, movies and songs (“Welcome to the Jungle”, anyone?). All of the passages I had were appropriate for school. It also has a Race Your Friends feature which allows you to invite your friends to race. I did not try this part but I think you could set up races between students in your classes.


Mickie Mueller
Information Technology Instructor
FBLA Advisor
Carl Perkins Coordinator
Norfolk Senior High
Norfolk, Nebraska